Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fable 2: Unplayable

Literally.  I got to the end of Fable 2, and was working on getting the rest of the gargoyle heads, when I dropped into Archon's Knot, where my LAST gargoyle head was.  As I swam out of the water, my character bugged.  I could shoot a single bullet, so I got the gargoyle, but I can't swing a weapon, and casting a spell acts like I never release the spell button.  The big hurt, though in this bugged mode, I can't get into the menu to save (you know, because I got all the Gargoyles!).  So I wandered my way (no fast travel if you don't have the menu) to a game master, loaded up spinnerbox, and exited so it would autosave.  Then I reset my Xbox.
Well, in saving my progress, I also saved my bugged character.  I'm locked in a mode where I can't attack, can't equip items, can't save, can't fast travel.  
So I guess I'm done playing Fable 2.  Shame it had to end this way.

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